Hola. I'm Keith Frankel... the guy from that thing.

I’m a startup exec, community builder, and award-winning speaker based in Boston. Formerly the Creative Director at HubSpot (IPO) and Producer at MTV, I’m now the Chief Product Officer at the bootstrapped but profitable ed-tech startup Firecracker, as well as the host of CreativeMornings Boston. In my spare time, I’m an advisory board member for the American Institute of Graphic Artists, a Techstars mentor, a co-creator of the Boston Tech Guide, and Product Hunt’s Boston tech ambassador.
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A Bit About Me

Although I'm always open to new side projects, I spend the majority of my time doing three main things.

Startup Exec

I’ve been an executive at three startups, having launched products, raised venture capital, and experienced an IPO.

Keynote Speaker

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to ramble at dozens of conferences throughout the US, as well as a few overseas.

Community Builder

I’ve organized more than 50 local events, creating an active community made up of more than 4,000 creative professionals.

A few of my current side projects.

Our Team
Boston Tech Guide

Boston Tech Guide

Boston is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech was built to help folks navigate this scene. So whether you’re taking classes, building a business, or raising capital, this is your front door to the community.

Adventures in Honesty

Personal Blog

Adventures in Honesty follows my personal experience of attempting to live all facets of my life without lying. To anyone. About anything. That’s right: Not at work. Not at home. Not even little white lies, such as false encouragement of a friend or family member.

Adventures in HonestyPersonal Blog
In Trump’s AmericaPhoto Journal

In Trump’s America

Photo Journal

From Alabama,  I’ve seen first hand the divide that that exists in our country. In Trump’s America is for those who are fearful and want to share their stories in hope of getting both sides to view one another with empathy rather than animosity.

Proof of Hope

Photo Journal

Proof of Hope was created to show the other side of the Baltimore protests and demonstrations that followed the 2015 murder of Freddie Gray. A side that wasn’t sensationalized or dramatized, but rather of those people who came together to bring about positive change.

Proof of HopePhoto Journal
Creative DissentComing Soon

Creative Dissent

Coming Soon

Creative Dissent was started as a way to confront the creative experience through collective examination. Each month, six different creative professionals from unique fields attempt to tackle the same basic theme (e.g. ‘Failure’, ‘Process’, etc.) through personal written articles.

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